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How many socks does it stand for

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Thin leg socks common sense

D is for the thickness of the silk stockings. The higher the number of D, the more you wear, and the smaller the D, the thinner the silk stockings and the less durable the silk stockings.

D number and temperature:

3-d - 5D is a thin invisible silk sock, worn on the body as if not worn, and the skin tone of the skin is even more mysterious with the slight variation of the colour of the silk stockings.

8d-15d is ultra-thin tights, which are suitable for temperatures of more than 25 degrees.

20d-40d is a thin pair of silk socks, suitable for temperature 18 degrees to 25 degrees.

50d-80d is a microtransparent hose that is suitable for temperature 15 degrees to 22 degrees.

100d-680d is for non-transparent stockings, suitable for temperature 10 degrees ~ 20 degrees.

The 800d-2800d is medium thickness stockings, suitable for temperature 8 degrees to 15 degrees.

3000d-5000d for garters, suitable for temperature 5 to 12 degrees.

The above 5800D is a thick, waterproof pantyhose that is suitable for temperature 3 to 10 degrees.

Each person's tolerance is different, in order to enter the north and south area in the evening and evening temperature difference, the above data is for reference only.

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